I Asked A “Nice Guy” How Many Guys A Girl Can Sleep With Before She’s A Slut

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Holly LayHolly Lay

I don’t tell guys how many people I’ve slept with. And they always ask. Why is that? Why do they ask a question they really don’t want to the answer to? The truth is that it’s perfectly reasonable for you to extrapolate our situation and assume I generally treat men the same way I treat you. If sleeping together after a few weeks of texting and a few hours of drinks makes you feel okay when it’s me doing it with you you need to be okay with me doing it before you came along.

But they never are. Everyone wants to be the exception, no one wants to be the rule.

So I lie or I evade the question. I appear virginal while giving them what they want in our sex life. I let them delude themselves into thinking they are the only person that part of…

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