9 Things God Is, Maybe

Thought Catalog

John Hick, a religious pluralist, popularized the analogy that “the real” (god) was known to humans the same way three blind men would “known” an elephant. One feels the stringy tail, one feels the wide belly, and one feels the muscular, rough trunk. We are blind people feeling whatever parts of the real we happen to stumble upon and though our cultural/religious explanation may differ from others, they are all equal interpretations of the divine reality.

Jacques Ellul said that Christians pretend to believe in the god of the bible but instead worship some divine gumball machine. We deposit our prayer and wait expectantly for our Answer to be handed to us. We make idols out of these answers.

Idol-hungry and needing more stability than “faith,” we reduce god to principles, and worship the principles instead.

I’ve had moments, I think, where I’ve been in communion with the universe, which…

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